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Raising awareness about the search and rescue services in the UAE.

ESS recently attended the International Search and Rescue conference and exhibition hosted by the UAE’s National Search and Rescue Center.

The International Search and Rescue conference and exhibition attracted specialized speakers and exhibitors from around the world to highlight capabilities, experiences and lessons learnt in the search and rescue industry.

Keeping in line with the conference objectives to:

· Discuss and present the latest innovations trending worldwide in the field of search and rescue.

· Present new technologies that have been implemented locally and internationally.

· View new inventions in artificial intelligence that serves search and rescue operations.

ESS proudly exhibited the phenomenal capabilities and revolutionary achievements of our finest partnerships:

Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) - moving water to save lives.

Established in 2003 to meet the demand for complete firefighting systems that are not only revolutionary in performance but also cost effective, Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) quickly became an industry leader, taking over almost 70% of the market. Today, FFS provides complete firefighting systems for the global marine industry: tugs boats, fireboats, offshore vessels.

FFS has thousands of pump sets in operation worldwide, making them the undisputed choice for reliable, high performance external firefighting systems.

At present, FFS are making the same revolutionary reforms to land-based systems with their development of a wide range of trailer mounted monitors and pump packages (both Booster and Sub Booster combination sets).

Their complete systems boast a large flow capacity (5000-80000 Lpm) for emergency situations such as tank farms, refineries, or floods.

Their jet pump proportioning unit targeted for Industrial firefighting applications, such as tank farms, refineries and all industrial facilities, is well known for easily inducting foam solutions.

FFS’s formula for success in conquering the marine and land based external firefighting systems market is their in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing process. All external firefighting systems for both land and sea are products of advanced engineering and design, developed in Norway and produced in Sweden in multi-disciplinary assembly plants.

FFS is unmatched as a single source supplier of complete systems for external firefighting, able to guarantee the operations of their systems based on advanced engineering capabilities.

Hydrolift – Building Rescue Vessels for the Future.

The team at Hydrolift proudly design and manufacture all of their vessels exclusively in Norway. The Scandinavian legacy of building high quality boats has been around for decades, and they have carried on the tradition of exceptional craftsmanship, now offering a wide range of search and rescue, firefighting, police and control vessels.

Hydrolift continually challenges themselves to develop and build state-of-the-art performance boats and vessels, integrating the latest technology available. This combination has enabled them to introduce the unprecedented, highly reusable, modular platform that focuses on safety, reliability and usability with a significant cost reduction compared to one-off builds.

Using the Hydrolift modular platform as a base, Hydrolift clients can customize the vessel to their needs, whether its a search and rescue, police, fire, ambulance, wind park, patrol, harbor, coast guard, or any other vessel. The modular design, with its common parts, simplifies maintenance and training, increases operational quality, and reduces operational costs.

Innovation, Design, and Performance are the foundation of every Hydrolift vessel. Raising the bar in the service vessel category, by combining the latest technology, modern design techniques and verified human factor sciences.

Firstlook - Empowering Rescue Professionals.

Firstlook have four decades of experience in empowering rescue professionals, working tirelessly to understand the challenges that emergency teams face. ESS exhibited their FL360 camera, which utilizes dual image sensors to capture a 360-degree spherical image in real-time. This phenomenal camera allows an operator to view anywhere within the confined space – effortlessly with no moving parts.

The FL360 mobile application represents a revolutionary shift away from analogue, gearbox driven search cameras developed in the 1990s. It literally puts mobile connectivity, mapping, communication and sharing of data at the fingertips of rescuers in the field. Unlike older search cameras, the FL360 is versatile and adaptable for a variety of rescue scenarios outside of USAR technical search - from looking inside a submerged vehicle, to inspecting an attic for survivors during floods, or dropping into a confined space.

FL360s are in regular use with rescue, military, and emergency response teams around the world.

Emergency Safety Solutions (ESS) enjoyed meeting you at this year’s International Search and Rescue conference and exhibition to share our remarkable experiences and lessons learned in the safety industry this year. Establishing partnerships to provide the top industry products in fire safety and rescue in the middle east remains our goal and greatest achievement. We hope we will continue to play our part in raising awareness about the search and rescue services in the UAE and contribute toward improving efficiencies and capabilities in the field of search and rescue worldwide.

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