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The ALERT emergency response team personnel has decades of combined worldwide experience involving:

  • Oilwell firefighting

  • Blowout control

  • Critical well integrity

  • Pressure control/snubbing,

  • Well control engineering and project management

  • Relief well,

  • Marine and industrial firefighting

  • Hazardous material control and toxic environment protection operations.

From the Canadian Arctic to the Sahara Desert, the North Atlantic to the Arabian / Persian Gulf, the tropical rain forests of Sumatra to the West Texas Panhandle and the South China Sea, ALERT emergency response teams have successfully controlled a spectrum of these incidents through the provision of professional and cost effective solutions.




ALERT Oilwell Firefighting and Blowout Control Services entail the provision of oilwell firefighting and blowout control specialists and equipment. Through extensive hands-on experience our teams have successfully completed a spectrum of global firefighting and capping operations.

ALERT personnel are supported by custom designed oilwell firefighting and blowout control equipment. These systems include Integrated Workshop / Command Centers; Integrated Piperack / Firefighting Equipment Storage Units; Integrated (2,000/4,000/6,000 gpm) Firefighting Pumps; Athey Wagons; and capping / wellhead equipment. These systems are air-transportable and designed for rapid response to oil and gas well emergencies anywhere in the world, at any time.


ALERT Critical Well Integrity Services encompass the provision of critical well integrity specialists, equipment, systems and products involving hot tap drilling, gate valve drilling, static single and multi-strong freeze services. Through the use of proven application technologies and proprietary equipment designs, ALERT critical well integrity specialists offer unique yet practical well intervention solutions during drilling, completion, workover and plug and abandonment operations.





ALERT Relief Well Engineering, Well Intersect / Well Kill Services, through the provision of well control and relief well engineering specialists, provide oil and gas industry clients with blowout intervention engineering, incident management, administration and site supervision services. These services include the development of pre-incident contingency planning services for critical well programs; well control and relief well engineering design and supervision services, land, floating vessel and deep water blowout control (relief well planning, vertical intervention), shallow gas procedures and floating drilling operations.

ALERT also offers sophisticated well flow simulations and well kill hydraulics modeling and relief well engineering and design services together with our associates at add Energy WellFlow. These services provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis of well design and critical data to ensure effective implementation of drilling programs and, in the event of an incident, relief well drilling and well control / vertical intervention procedures.


ALERT Marine and Industrial Firefighting Services have progressively evolved to meet the demands of increased fire protection and emergency response service requirements set forth by the marine, petroleum exploration and production and petrochemical process industries. This has resulted in numerous state-of-the-art-equipment developments and advanced application techniques, incorporated by the Company’s marine and industrial firefighting specialists. 


ALERT Marine and Industrial Firefighting Services provide professional and economical solutions for the successful extinguishment of fires involving petroleum storage tanks, fuel barges, petroleum and petrochemical facilities, VLCC and ULCC.



A succession of environmental disasters has made the world aware of the dangers of poisonous and aggressive chemicals. When an incident occurs, rescue, containment and clean up operations must be quickly initiated. It is vital that those personnel who come into contact with dangerous and sometimes unidentifiable vapors and chemicals are competent to deal with the situation and are equipped with the proper tools.

ALERT, together with our strategic partners SGS, has established the ALERT – SGS Incident Management Center within Singapore.


The center, otherwise known as the Asia Chemical Transportation Emergency Center (ASCTEC) offers:

  • Level 1: Communication services entailing the storage, maintenance and dissemination of material safety data sheet (MSDS) information, encompassing more than 1.2 million pure and mixed substances, and associated emergency response protocols and support information, on a 24 / 7 basis in more than 23 official languages;

  • Level 2: Technical Consultants providing full time competent personnel strategically located throughout the Asia Pacific and Middle East for immediate mobilization and on – scene technical consultation and;

  • Level 3: Emergency Response services entailing the provision of competent response personnel and equipment for the containment, control, clean-up and disposal of waste involving dangerous goods incidents. These services encompass a 24 hour global communications network; chemical database and response protocols; chemical and environmental engineers, chartered chemists and laboratories; and Hazardous Material Control Teams whose extensive field experience provides a wealth of knowledge involving hazardous material incidents within the chemical, marine, petroleum, petrochemical and transportation industries.


ALERT maintain integrated response packages containing detection, sampling and onsite analysis systems; personnel protective equipment; vapor control and re-condensation products; product containment; control systems; decontamination materials; product packaging, labeling, and shipment; and waste treatment management services.


EMERGENCY HELP LINE for the UAE / Middle East 
+9714 883-2343

24 / 7

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