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FirstLook 360 (FL360) is a digital hybrid hardware/software product utilizing dual cameras and custom-built software to stitch multiple live spherical streams together to create a smooth image landscape that can be viewed and manipulated on a mobile device (Tablet or Smartphone).


Additionally, the digital stream broadcasts in HD quality and is designed to transmit both wired and/or wirelessly to an Android-powered mobile device (Tablet/Smartphone).


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Search & Rescue

Engineered for global Urban Search and Rescue teams and all other technical rescue applications.

The FirstLook 360 is designed for Heavy Rescue teams.


Available in 3 models:


Customs Inspection

The FirstLook 360 Camera is an effective portable tool that can be utilized for visually inspecting holds or void spaces of heavy goods vehicles, ships or aircraft used to transport people or goods.



Whatever the tactical operation, the search for illegal activity is ongoing for a tactical team in any application. Tactical teams are always searching for hidden contraband, drugs and weapons during their operation as it’s crucial for evidence gathering. In addition, suspects hiding in attics or spaces not visible with the human eye comes into play. “Fatal funnel”  as it’s known, places a significant disadvantage in which teams are extremely vulnerable to attack. A search camera offers to reduce risk when clearing attics, basements, and/or crawl spaces. The safety of the officer is incredibly important.


Visit Board Search & Seizure

Military and law enforcement agencies all over the world have to patrol their territorial waters and the shipping traffic that is a constant flow in and out of ports.  As part of this security, many agencies have developed Visit Board Search and Seizure teams (VBSS) that are specifically designed to combat terrorism, piracy, smuggling, and to conduct customs, safety and other inspections.