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Important Notice: Transition from AFFF to SFFF

As you may be aware, changes are happening across many industrial sectors with the removal of PFAS chemicals from various products, including those in the fire and safety industry. The shift from AFFF to SFFF (Synthetic Fluorine-Free Foam) is part of this ongoing discussion.

As a foam user, here are key points to consider for your planned changeout:

Local Legal Requirements : Can you continue to use AFFF?

Understand and comply with your local legal mandates.

Disposal of Existing AFFF Foam

Best Practice: Consult with local environmental agencies for proper disposal methods.

Option 1: Cleaning of Hardware or Complete Removal and Changeout.

"How Clean is Clean?”

Scientific papers state that stable, multilayered PFAS molecular assemblies can remain on tank surfaces and rebound to SFFF over time. (Information on cleaning procedures can be provided).

Option 2: Complete Changeout of Hardware.

Prevent cross-contamination!!

Replace all hardware previously in contact with AFFF foam concentrate, including foam tanks, bladders, pipework, gaskets, pumps, proportioners, and delivery devices.

Financial Implications - Consider the significant financial aspects of this project. Fomtec can provide advice and guidance throughout your process.

Fomtec's Expertise - Our technical team and chemists have been aware of the PFAS issue for many years, conducting extensive research and thousands of foam tests to develop new SFFF products. Fomtec's position on the changeout of fluorinated foams is 100% "Data Driven" and not just an opinion.

Availability of AFFF Foam Concentrate - During the transition from

AFFF to SFFF, Fomtec will continue to supply AFFF foam concentrate as long as it is legally permitted (by territory) and commercially viable.

Tailored Support - The PFAS discussion is complex, and each territory and foam user will approach the issue differently.

Our technical team at Fomtec is on hand to support any questions you may have during your transition from AFFF to SFFF. +97156 161-1962

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