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Evolution XR is an immersive learning and development tool for training within high hazard, oil & gas facilities. Built around the belief that learning occurs through doing, their team of specialists have designed a system that allows users to carry out single person or instructor led training in a simulated environment.  Now available in the UAE / Middle East, their technology platform spans 2 formats:

1. Instructor led group sessions for training emergency response teams by assessing a fire teams decision making and preparedness knowledge prior to and during major incidents.

2. Single person simulated scenarios or v-learn that are carried out sequentially with an assessment or learning criteria embedded within.


Evolution XR utilises cutting-edge VR technology to transport users to a fully-realised 3D environment, complete with interactive elements and real-time feedback. From drilling and refinery operations to emergency response drills. Evolution XR helps you identify areas for improvement and ensure that your team is fully prepared for any situation they may encounter on the job by tracking immersive sessions and writing the data to our in-house analytics platform, Evolution Forms.


We work alongside our clients to replicate dangerous scenarios and generate learning points throughout. The use of learning points enables delegates to understand why certain actions are dangerous at each stage and understand the consequences that follow.


Our bespoke solutions allow delegates to run through scenarios on their asset ranging from minor to major, ensuring they work through every stage of the incident and designate the appropriate level of response throughout.



EXR allows users to simulate and carry out operations training on their assets without having to step foot on site. Operations training in VR allows users to gain extra preparedness before stepping onto asset for practical and real-world operations. 




Our in-house fire engineers have worked hard to ensure you understand the risks involved on your site through our damage modelling capabilities. Understanding the effect an incident has on other parts of your asset creates a deeper understanding of how to prevent escalations.

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