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ESS is a future forward Smart Safety Solution company based in the UAE that believes the Fire Fighting, Rescue and Safety techniques we use to secure and save lives needs to be:


We represent products and services that utilize the latest science-based advances and operate at the highest levels of technological innovation in the Middle East / UAE.

Only the newest and most advanced firefighting, safety and rescue technology and practices can effectively combat safety hazards; quell and conquer dangerous events and employ reliable methods to predict and safeguard against potential disasters.

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Incident Modelling Solutions 

Riskaware provides critical decision support to global government departments, environmental charities and science-led R&D partners.


Developed in partnership with government departments, their incident modelling solutions deliver actionable intelligence to key stakeholders mitigating security, environmental and biological threats.

Riskaware has more than 20 years’ experience in CBRN and HazMat situational awareness tools and decision support. Together with their partners they continuously develop and expand their capabilities. Their work spans the four most critical domains for security and human challenges to society, including environmental, cyber and epidemiological threats.

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a revolutionary shift in technical rescue

From their patented spherical camera design and revolutionary 360° live viewing to mobile integrated and enhanced audio detection, First Look work tirelessly to further develop their technological edge. Their FL360 and it’s mobile application represent a revolutionary shift away from analogue, gearbox driven search cameras developed in the 1990’s.

The FL360 literally puts mobile connectivity, mapping, communication and sharing of data at the fingertips of rescuers in the field. 

FL360s are in regular use with rescue, military and emergency response teams around the world and have become a rescue game changer in the UAE / Middle East.

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Evolution XR utilises VR technology to transport users to a fully realized 3D environment. With interactive elements and real-time feedback using immersive learning for training within high hazard, oil & gas facilities, they are a perfect fit for the UAE / Middle East. Built around the belief that "learning" occurs through "doing", their team of specialists have designed a system that allows users to carry out single person or instructor led training in a simulated environment.

  • Pipeline Response

  • Incident Management

  • Incident Command

  • Crisis Management


  • Spill Response

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intelligent asset distribution management and tracking

Intelligent Asset Distribution, Management & Tracking for the UAE / Middle East.

iTrackPPE supports organisations in optimising their risk critical assets by providing real time tracking, management and modelled distribution to ensure users have the correct equipment in the right place at the right time.

Evolution XR (Emergency Safety Solutions)
Evolution XR2 Emergency Safety Solutions
FL360 Emergency Safety Solutions
Blue Eye Underwater Drone Emergency Safety Solutions

advancing the wellbeing of firefighters

Real time shareable 3D data for instant location tracking for fire fighter safety.
The Arwain digital localisation solution makes it quick and easy for firefighters and command crew to deploy on-site within 90 seconds with minimal set up so as not to disrupt or slow operations.

Enterprise Asset+Risk Intelligence Visibility+ Traceability

Relegen has built a reputation for delivering engineering excellence and innovative software solutions to solve complex issues across defence, mining and asset-intensive industry sectors.

Relegen has developed its enterprise asset and risk intelligence technology platform to be open, highly flexible, easily configurable and infinitely scaleable. 


Advanced communication solutions

Rescom Sales Inc. has become a global provider of communication solutions for safety and security, nuclear, and industrial industries. Their products have all been designed and tested with our customers, and their unique situations in mind! From basic hearing protection headsets used as accessories to full unified communication and data systems integration, our product selection addresses a vast array of applications.  

simplifying decision making

UNBLUR help Emergency Services improve their operational response at the scene of the incident, with their software, IRIS Core. IRIS is a software that centralises all data and tools in one single place, allowing Incident Commanders to obtain real-time situational awareness and coordinate the teams in a simpler, more effective way.

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assisted reality solutions

 Industrial strength assisted reality solutions that deliver real-time access to information and expertise, anytime, anywhere, Realwear works with 200+ leading software providers to enable solutions optimized for the micro display & completely voice-controlled navigation.



Under water drones - professional underwater ROVs designed, developed, produced, and serviced in Norway. Blueeye brings reliable and user-friendly underwater technology for frictionless access to what's below the surface in the UAE / Middle East.

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