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Welcome to ESS - A leading Fire, Rescue and Safety Technology Company based in the UAE, that strives to be at the forefront of advanced safety innovation for the Middle East.  We provide a comprehensive range of Smart Safety Solutions from incident modelling to high tech safety equipment, electric fire engines and bespoke safety marine vessels.

We only work with the world's leading brands in fire fighting technology, bringing the most advanced and pioneering products in Safety, Rescue and Security to the UAE / Middle East.

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Fire & Rescue Equipment

Providing Technically Advanced Firefighting Pumps, Monitors,


Breathing Apparatus, Escape Masks,

Hoses, Ventilation fans and

Fire Ladders to the Middle East. 


Sm@rt Fire Technology

Bringing future forward Fire Fighting Solutions to the Middle East with innovative high-tech life saving products. Assisted Reality Wearables. New Generation Rescue Communication Systems and Incident Modelling. 


Fire Fighting Vehicles & Vessels

Fire, Rescue and Emergency Vehicles including Electric Vehicles - built to customer specifications. We have a large, used and new fire truck portfolio available for sale and hire in the UAE / Middle East.


Fire Fighting Foam

High quality fire fighting foams - both synthetic and protein based. Fluourine free. Fluourinated. Hydrocarbon.


Foam Solutions. Industry approved for the Middle East/UAE.


Risk Consulting & Development

Professional and Internationally accredited Loss Management Evaluations of Quality Health Safety Environment and Administration policies, procedures, facilities installations and operations.

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Emergency Response Services

Global Emergency Response and Risk Management Solutions. Oilfield Firefighting and Blowout Control; Well Control Engineering and Project Management; Marine and Industrial Firefighting; Hazardous Material Control



Fire Fighting, Rescue and Safety techniques have been passed down from generation to generation with most of our safety practices remaining largely unchanged.


While ESS highly values practices based on experience, we strongly believe that the way forward is to introduce more science-based advances and technological innovation to combat safety hazards; quell and conquer dangerous events; and most especially employ reliable methods to predict and safeguard against potential disasters.

To this end, we represent the globe’s top products in Fire Fighting, Rescue, Safety and Disaster Control that fall under the four key phases of emergency management:


All our leaders have over 30 years’ experience in the emergency services industry, working in the Middle East and UAE for two decades. They have dedicated their lives to rescue, safety, and disaster control. With hands on experience in real disasters, their insight has enabled ESS to find multidisciplinary, integrated methods for emergency management that has bridged the gap between education, research and experience to provide the best technology, equipment, vehicles and vessels, machinery, training, consumables and modelling available in the 21st century.

At ESS, we do not endorse products that our leaders have not thoroughly investigated or used in successful practice.

We do not offer competitive brands or alternatives because when it comes to safety and the preservation of human life, there can be no compromise.

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