Emergency Safety Solutions

Emergency Safety Solutions and its international partners manufacture and supply some of the most technically advanced firefighting equipment in the world. This includes firefighting pumps, monitors, appliances and firefighting foams. Our field of expertise is in the Marine, Aviation, Industrial and, Oil and Gas sectors. We are committed to providing our customers with a complete solutions package that exceeds their expectations.

Emergency Service Solutions

Emergency Service Solutions and our partners have successfully responded to hundreds of industrial fire incidents across the globe. Our team encompasses decades of combined experience involving:  oil well firefighting and blowout control, critical well integrity, as well as marine and industrial firefighting. 


Above all, Emergency Service Solutions is dedicated to providing rapid, efficient emergency response with due consideration to the environmental implications of our operations.  

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Engineered Safety Solutions
Engineered Safety Solutions

Engineered Safety Solutions specialises in the design and integration of firefighting and suppression systems for the mobilisation of large volumes of water for firefighting and flood relief.

A typical large flow system would normally consist of pumps (Sub and Boost) and the delivery would be completed by fire water monitors. Our designs include the controls and communication capability for the system. In addition, we design and integrate the foam mixing equipment to ensure the correct applications. Our components can either be permanently installed or designed for mobile application.

ESS Technology 

A new edition to the E.S.S. family, ESSTech has partnered with RealWear®, an industrial computer wearable manufacturer.  RealWear® products include the HMT-1 and a world first Intrinsically Safe Head Mounted Tablet the HMT-1Z1. 

The HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 provides users with hands free document navigation, remote worker connectivity, IIOT visualization capability, and knowledge transfer, across a wide range of industries such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Health Care, Field Service & Maintenance, among others.  All this is accomplished while maintaining situational awareness which increases safety and improves productivity.

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Respiratory Protection

ESS has teamed up with Interspiro and Duram Masks to provide you with world-leading respiratory products to protect you when seconds count.






Our emergency response services involve; 

- oil-well firefighting and blowout control,

- critical well integrity,

- pressure control/snubbing

- well control engineering and project management,

- marine and industrial firefighting,

- hazardous material control and

- toxic environment protection operations. 



ESS holds the largest stock of ready-to- mobilize large volume pump systems in the world.

Some of our inventory is as follows:

- 4 x 4000 gpm high volume pumps

- 4 x 6000 gpm high volume pumps

- 4 x 3500 gpm monitors/nozzles

- 4 x 6000 gpm monitors/nozzles

- 6 x 1250 gpm ground monitors

- 250k firefighting foam

- 20k ft x 6” 8” 12” Fire Fighting hose

In addition, we also offer ancillary equipment fuel cells, manifolds, foam proportioning systems, and a mobile emergency command center.



We offer onsite professional services for short and long term projects involving; chemical manufacturing, petroleum refining and petrochemical facilities, mobile offshore drilling units, floating production storage and offloading facilities, pipe laying barges, supply vessels, mining operations, construction/ fabrication yards, camp and transportation facilities.



We provide a wide array of firefighting services through outsourced contracts specifically tailored to our clients' requirements.


With our extensive supply network, ESS is able to consistently deliver sustainable, high quality and cost effective safety management systems and emergency services, leaving the client to focus on their core competencies.



We provide professional and internationally accredited loss management specialists for independent assessment and evaluation of our client's; quality, health, safety, environment and asset administration policies and procedures, facilities, installations and operations. These services are conducted in compliance with internal and external safety management systems, contractual requirements, industry standards and/or that set forth by actual classification of regulatory bodies.



Our auditing services include accredited independent audit representatives for small and medium enterprises and major marine, petroleum exploration, production, and service companies.

We also provide assessment services for aviation, chemical, marine, medical, mining, offshore, petroleum exploration and production, petrochemical, and power industries under customer-specified audit protocols and set regulatory standards and controls.

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Emergency Safety Solutions has a vast inventory of used firetrucks. By partnering with one of the world’s largest used fire truck sales and service companies, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus, ESS has ensured that all apparatus purchased via our company are of high quality. 

To view our inventory, click the image above.



Using our unique network of partners and ample combined knowledge and experience, ESS offers specialized Fire and Safety consulting services to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry. This is inclusive of consultations on refineries, terminals and storage tank farms. In addition, we also cover both on shore, offshore and any high risk industry.

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With our partner, RealWear®, ESSTech specialises in the provision of Industrial Wearable Technoloty. RealWear®’s flagship product the HMT-1® is the first ruggedized head-mounted wearable Android-class table computer, it frees workers’ hands to complete dangerous tasks. The HMT-1 forms the basis of the Connected Worker Platform with applications across multiple industries, ranging from Oil & Gas, Automotive, Telemedicine, Manufacturing, and more.