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Foresight Account

Foresight is remote device management software that will allow you to easily and quickly manage your Realwear devices from one central point.

Step 1

Register for a Foresight account.  Click on the links below.

Step 2

Register your devices on Foresight

Install applications


That is it, as soon as one of your registered devices connects to wifi the apps in the policy will automatically download to the device.  Apps already installed will also automatically be updated to the latest version.

Refer to the Foresight User Guide for detailed information

Realwear Explorer

Realwear Explorer is desktop-based software with which you can easily navigate on a  Realwear device.

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User Training


Getting up and running in 5 easy steps

Step 1

Realwear hardware overview

Step 3

HMT Quick Start Guide

Step 2

Determine your dominant eye

Step 4

Introduction to voice navigationg

Step 5

Connecting to WiFi

There is more training available here

How to use MS Teams on Realwear


To easily enter passwords on your Realwear device we recommend that you download the Realwear Companion APP from GOOGLE PLAY or the APP STORE onto your mobile phone.

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