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RealWear HMT-1™ and HMT-1Z1™ are reliable and intuitive knowledge transfer tools purpose built for industrial workers made to increase safety and productivity, connecting workers with more capabilities all the way to the frontline.

Out of the box functionality allows you to capture images and video, review documents, playback video, and use the flashlight.  Those functions help users share knowledge, capture processes, perform inspections, document issues, reduce paper, and shorten training time.

Integration with 3rd party platforms provide: Remote Mentor Capability, IIOT visualisation, and Digital Workflow.

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Intrinsically Safe


RealWear HMT the right solution for today's worker


Intuitively gets to work


•100% hands-free

•100% voice controlled interface

•Wear it all day

•Powerful audio

•Diverse app library


Tough enough for industrial


•Works in most conditions

•Fully rugged

•Drop proof

•Water resistant

•Dust tight

•Full-shift battery


Versatile digital multi-tool


•HD Video camera

•Outdoor display

•Noise cancelling


•Boom arm adjusts 6 ways and flips left to right

•Fits all head sizes


Ready for work now


•PPE Compatible

•Easy to develop for on Android OS

•Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS

•RealWear works with you to get started

•Ready now

Industrial Solution RealWear HMT - 1


RealWear HMT-1™ improves productivity for connected industrial workers by providing intuitive access to vital information while work is being performed, enabling in-situ decision-making. 

The RealWear HMT-1™ increases safety by improving the situational awareness of connected workers.

*Hardhat, bump cap, and baseball cap are shown for illustrative purposes only

HMT-1 Accessories

Intrinsically Safe Solution RealWear HMT - 1Z1


RealWear HMT-1Z1™, the world’s first Intrinsically Safe hands-free Android tablet class wearable computer for Industrial Workers.


The only head mounted computer on the planet approved for ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 and CSA C1-D1.

The RealWear HMT-1Z1™ provides the foundation for your Connected Worker program.

*Hardhat shown for illustrative purposes only

HMT-1Z1 Accessories