Search & Rescue

Engineered to meet the rugged and time critical demands of the Urban Search & Rescue environment. 

Available in three variants we have a solution to enable you rescue team to perform their duties efficiently and safely. 

Not your typical search camera

  • No moving parts

  • No articulating camera head

  • 360° spherical imaging

  • Wireless

  • High definition streaming

  • Powered by the FL360 application (Android)

  • Touch screen control and viewer

  • GPS / Mapping

  • Interactive recorded 360° video

  • Two-way audio

  • 360° spherical on-board lighting



Urban Search And Rescue

The USAR1 for Heavy Rescue teams, specifically US FEMA Type 1 (Heavy) & Type 2 (Medium), INSARAG Type 1 & 2 teams, Civil Defense, and Military response teams. 

This kit is best used by a team of two, one probing the space with the camera and the other instructing and searching using the FL360 on the tablet.



Rapid Search Kit

Engineered for rapid/hasty search and designed for one person technical search deployment, first on scene rescue squads, medical specialists, recon, canine handlers, US FEMA type 2 (medium) & type 3 (light) teams, INSARAG Type 2 & 3, DART and Military response teams.

With the compact travel carry-on hard case and included chest pack, the RSK1 is a perfect combination for an agile rescue team looking to add speed to search and an affordable search camera tool for their equipment cache.


MRK 1 / MRK 2

Medic Rescue Kit

The unique spherical imaging of the FL360 Camera makes it the first rescue camera suited for medical rescue operations where the victim is located in an inaccessible location. 

Alleviating the difficulties faced by rescue medics in assessing the patient's health when the entire body is not fully visible.


The FL360 design with its small size, non-mechanical camera head, wireless functionality, and complete 360° degree viewing area is well suited to help rescue medics gather critical data.

The Medic Rescue Kit is packaged in a robust fabric sling bag making it easy to transport and fit in any Light/Heavy Rescue Response Rig, Rescue Squad, Light Rescue, Heavy Rescue or Battalion Chief’s vehicle.

*MRK2 has all the contents of MRK1 with the addition of a Rugged Hard Case and a 10,050 mAh Power Bank to keep you operational longer and your rescue equipment cache organized.