Emergency Safety Solutions' core policy is to provide an atmosphere where all personnel can learn, develop and conduct operations in a safe and productive manner.

​We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers and all members of our immediate community by delivering the safest, most effective and environmentally friendly products along with fast, responsive, and exceptional service. Above all, our policy dictates that all persons, the environment and physical structures will be protected against potential loss that may directly or indirectly exist as a result of the company’s operations.


In carrying out this policy, the company recognizes the need for:


  1. Dedicating measurable effort to loss prevention at all times.

  2. Providing competent professional supervision.

  3. Providing adequate resources; both human and physical.

  4. Identifying all hazards and the management of the associated risks.

The company, its management and personnel will continually strive for excellence through improved levels of service quality, safety and productivity.


To achieve these objectives, ESS and its team will endeavour to maintain the highest practicable standards as recognized by the customers, organizations, and communities we serve.

A message from our Managing Director: 

"Emergency safety solutions is totally committed to its personnel, the environment and our customers. As the senior manager, this policy is my personal pledge. These key considerations shall remain at the forefront of our business operations."